Marketing intake screen photo
Regulations require that all mining water is to be recirculated and that no fresh water may be used. Recirculated water often times has debris in it such as sticks, leaves, roots, etc. from the mining activity. The water pump intake screen will often times get plugged up with the debris and consequentially shut down the mining operation until the screen is cleaned. This can happen several times a day depending on screen size, the volume of water being pumped ect. ect.. Fortunately I do not have those problems after I developed my patented Self Cleaning Rotary Drum Strainer. This device cleans the debris from the screen and allows the pump to do its job.
This picture shows the basic unit intended for an eight inch intake pump. The unit includes a debris collection bin.
Intake screen out of the water-Copyr.2006 Tod Bauer
Self Cleaning Drum Strainer operating in a small recycle pond. The brush that cleans and rotates the drum is run hydraulically. Rather than having to set screens in the water flow and then manually cleaning them off, you can let the water flow freely back to your pump pond and let the Self Cleaning Drum Strainer do the work for you. Turn it on and walk away knowing that the pump will continue to deliver the filtered water your operation needs to keep running
Intake screen operating in the recirculation pond-Copyr.2006 Tod Bauer



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