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These pictures show a view of the mining operation in a fairly wide valley. After the stream has been moved and the overburden removed, the excavator, wash plant and water recycling pump are all that is needed. The wash plant stacks the tailings in a dry pile and the mining progresses upstream.
mining operation-Copyr.2008 Tod Bauer
mining operation-Copyr.2002 Tod Bauer
mining operation near Sky Creek-Copyr.2006 Tod Bauer
This picture shows the GC10 wash plant working into a narrow tributary valley. It was designed to reduce mining costs by reducing the number of times the material has to be handled.
The vegetation along with the topsoil is pushed off to the sides of the cut. Next the barren gravel overburden is also pushed to the sides. An excavator feeds the pay gravel into the hopper of the Wash Plant that is operating on bedrock. The wash plant processes the material and returns the tailings to the cut.
mining operation with D9-Copyr.2006 Tod Bauer


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