Reclamation is the final and most satisfying job of mining. During the stripping and mining process there is the continual concern of whether or not there will be a profit. However win or lose, a great deal of money and time must be spent on reclamation.  I look forward to reclamation and seeing the valley's vegetation regrow.

Area of valley reclaimed-Copyright 2002 Tod Bauer

Before reclamation 2006-Copyr.2008 Tod Bauer Goldorado Company recieved an award for "excellence in reclamation" from the State of Alaska DNR in 2006. Reclaimed area 2006-Copyr.2008 Tod Bauer
Mining just below camp 2007-Copr.2008 Tod Bauer Mined and reclaimed area 2007. This area is located just downstream of the main mining camp Reclaimed area just below camp-Copr.2008 Tod Bauer

Mining near cabin Copyright 2007 Tod Bauer

Area being mined

This area mined in the fall of 07 and 08 was reclamated in the spring of 09.


Reclamaton 2009 Copyright 2009 Tod Bauer

Area reclamated


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